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Chiaralascura is a vegan statement clothing line, printed on eco-friendly, organic and fair trade materials. Sometimes we also like to print free themed t-shirts from my illustrations and graphic designs.

Who's Chiaralascura?

Chiara, vegan, graphic designer and now screen printer. I don't do everything by myself but I have the priceless help of my husband (also vegan) who is my greatest motivator and gives me lots of ideas, feedbacks and more. I love to draw, slow movies, sad songs, Monty Python, vegan food, my cats and dog.

Our story

Chiaralascura is born in 2010 bringing togheter the need I had to find a creative, ethical and fullfilling job and the mission of spreading the word of veganism. Motivated by my fiance (now husband), I left my previous job that was making me unhappy and leading me nowhere and started all from scratch, with almost no money. I started selling some t-shirts online and going to vegan events and festivals, but I had no money to print all our ideas, so I tried (and succeded) with crowdfunding: thanks to our followers' donations we made a lot of new stuff and started for real! Now, after four years, we have our own studio with screen printing equipment to print our own products. We also do graphic design and screen printing for charities, vegan groups and small ethical businesses.


All our texile products (t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, dresses, shoppers and more) are fair trade and organic, made of fine quality materials such as organic cotton, bamboo viscose, tencel (eucalyptus) and even 100% recycled materials made of organic cotton cuttings from the fabrics industry and locally recycled bottles. We screen print by hand using both water based and ecoline plastisol inks (without pvc and phtalates). We think printing a vegan message to defend animals on a t-shirt that causes pollution, death and exploitation is pointless and useless. We care about animals, people and enviroment! Below you will find more informations about the fabrics we use for our products.

Organic cotton

Our organic cotton products are made with sustainable energy from sun, wind and water reducing 90% of the carbon footprint. Water is not wasted and always re-used.


This fabric is biodegradable, very soft, smooth as silk and fresh. It's even more sustainable than organic cotton because it grows high and causes less soil consumption.

Tencel (eucalyptus)

Tencel® Lyocell, to give it its full name, is the most environmentally friendly man-made cellulosic fibre available today. It is produced exclusively from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), and the fibre carries the Pan-European Forest Council (PEFC) quality seal. The only chemical used in the Tencel manufacturing processes is the non-toxic solvent, amine oxide, that allows closed-loop processing where up to 99% of the chemical is perpetually re-used, minimising the impact on the environment and conserving energy and water. The European Union awarded this process the Environmental Award 2000 in the category “technology for sustainable developments”.

100% recycled

Our new products include 100% recycled t-shirts and tote bags. They're made from 60% organic cotton cuttings from the texile industry and 40% locally recycled plastic bottles. They're pretty, colorful, soft and help reduce the waste in a smart and fashionable way.

What about the other products?

Mugs and buttons are the only “traditional” products you will find on the shop. We couldn't find a certified sustainable alternative to them yet. We use recycled, natural and made in Italy paper as much as we can in our paper products.

Why fair wear?

In the world millions of workers face poor working conditions and serious limitations and violations of their freedom and rights, especially in the textile industry. Wages are too low for a decent life and work days are long and extremely dangerous. Rarely workers are allowed to join trade unions to improve the situation. We only print on gardments from factories certified by Fair Wear Foundation, a foundation that ensures justice and fairness for workers in the textile industry. Fair Wear labour standards:

1. No forced labour. Employment is freely choosen.

2. No discriminations in employment.

3. No child labour

4. Freedom of association and the right of collective barganing.

5. Payment of a living wage.

6. No excessive working hours.

7. Safe and heathy working conditions.

8. Legally-binding employment relationship.


All the texile products we print on are certified by Fair Weat Foundation. Organic and recycled products have organic standards, carbon footprint, sustainable and recycled standars certificates. You will find the correspondent logos in every product's page.