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At my limit - Can glass

At my limit - Can glass

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16oz/470 ml
Designed by Chiaralascura
Made in France and decorated in Italy using premium permanet vinyl
Measurements: 76mm x 134mm

I wanted to do something cute with daisies, but lately I've been in a bad mood, so I present to you the new glass that combines cuteness and annoyance, resignation and spring patterns.

I highly recommend using it only for cold drinks and washing it by hand without abrasive sponges to avoid ruining the decoration.

The glasses are made of high-quality glass produced in France, have a capacity of 470ml/16oz, and are hand-decorated by myself in my lab using high-quality permanent vinyl.

As they are handmade, they are never exactly the same as each other, so there may be slight differences from the photos.

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