ve been working as a freelance since 2010, the year I founded Chiaralascura and launched my first small collection: a few vegan-themed eco-friendlt t-shirts. Since then I also started to work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer doing commissions for organizations, festivals, and brands and creating logos, brand identity, posters and merchandising for their projects. Ive always been a feminist and in the last few years I started incorporating feminism, Fat Acceptance and Body Positivity in my work.
In 2018 I co-founded Belle di Faccia, an activism project and organization that aims to spread awareness on fatphobia and to advance Fat Acceptance in Italy.

I worked for: iVegan, Cera una bolla, Viva! UK, Lush, Cairo editore, Kiabi, Rizzoli, Mondadori, Audible and many others.