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I’m always trying to expand my size range

I am a fat woman and a Fat Acceptance activist and I know that even if I am currently offering a wider size range than other shops, I am far from catering to all bodies and necessities and that 5xl-6xl is not the pinnacle of inclusivity.

Mine is a small business and I dont have the numbers or funds for producing my own clothes, so as many illustrators do I print my designs on wholesale t-shirts, buying all the sizes they make and constantly asking them to expand their sizes. Currently all t-shirts and sweaters go up to 5XL (not all colors, some colors stop at 3XL) and leggings and dresses go up to a 6XL. I am constantly looking for new suppliers and models to offer as many sizes as possible. If you love one of my designs and its not available in your size please feel free to contact me and Ill try to find a solution for you.

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